March 24, 2011


While walking around Wuhan University we saw two men flying kites. The machines they used for reels were impressive - and the kites were up really high in the air.

I imagined them to be retired engineering professors trying out new inventions.

This reel made a nice whirring sound when letting out line - reminded me of fly fishing reels.

By the amount of line I had trouble imagining how high it could go.

Because it was already up really high

With the telephoto I could just make out that there are characters on kite, but I don't know what they say...

This man's reel made a clicking sound as line played out - also pleasing - more like a ratchety sound. I liked the man's special kite flying gloves.

His bat kite was also up high

Maybe he is the Chinese Commissioner Gordon calling Batman. Maybe he just likes bats. Batman would not have a lot to do here - people were very pleasant and helpful.

Sorry I missed yesterday -- I will post two today. Keep those comments and emails coming!


  1. Way cool -- that would be something on New Smyrna Beach! With a little more description, I could hear the ratcheting/whirring sounds! lol Love you and keep 'em coming!

  2. Susanne - You are the BEST!! In Ningbo today with Emma on the book tour - more about those adventures soon!