March 23, 2011

Chu culture at the Hubei Provincial Museum

Ancient Chu Culture produced beautiful, simple art and architecture. The museum in Wuhan is designed in the Chu style, with roof covered pathways to each building. We had a wonderful time exploring and asking questions. There is a wonderful life size diorama of an emperor's tomb with horse skeletons and chariots buried in formation. Because I was with Emma - I could ask questions through her excellent translation skills. I am very lucky to go places like this with someone so passionate about China and all the cultures within this country.

Here are a few of the pieces I really enjoyed. The gold symbol was translated as "Water" in ancient Chu script - very different than Mandarin. The Chu art had lost wax technique cast bronze vessels, reiku like pottery, brocade textiles and lacquer over wood. All simple, nature inspired geometric designs. Would love to find a tea set like the one in the museum -- maybe someday.

This one means Chu if I remember correctly

This one means water. I love that a contemporary artist created these pieces with such love of the ancient work - and that the museum displayed the work so prominently. American Museums - take note - contemporary art and history can compliment each other!

This is a lost wax technique cast bronze urn

This is a detail from another bronze urn.

Here is the tea set I mentioned.

This is its lid.

This is a detail of the lid.

Two ancient figures from a tomb.

These figures reminded me of Akan Acua'abas from West Africa. No explanation for how these were used.

Close-ups of each.

My camera allows me to take pictures without flash, and then "processes" the picture for a few sections, making the image look like you used a flash. This is a great feature in a museum where flash photography is not allowed. My lucky day!


  1. This is quite a commitment! I expect to read EVERYDAY, and I get pictures too -- you go gurl! Does this Blog automatically generate a "buzz" or do you have to do that yourself?

    I love the work, and the education you're giving me. Thanks

  2. Thanks Susanne! The 'Buzz' is automatic. I know your support will help me stay on the path. Keeps me occupied when I'm missing you and everyone at home.