March 25, 2011

Fishing at East Lake Park and Questions

My friend Emma is wonderfully patient with me - asking people questions for me - even when she isn't sure WHY I want to know something. Like with FISHING.

Fishing does not seem to happen in boats - though there were lots of boats ferrying people to all the sights.

On East Lake in Wuhan, (4 times bigger than West Lake in Hangzhou) we observed many people fishing with seriously long poles. The poles are attached to pulley systems that raise and lower the pole or swing it around to the fisherman.

I insisted we ask one man WHY he used this kind of pole. He explained it best to be farther away from the fish, and the 40 ft pole was worth the extra effort.

This is the same rationale for fly fishing, except you have a very long line that you cast far away from you instead of a long pole. The man also said he fished for relaxation - and began his hobby as a 13 year old, to relax after school work. He told us that catching fish was not his priority, just to be on the lake with peace and quiet.

The lake is a peaceful place. Wuhan citizens are very proud of their park, pointing out its beauty and the special 'Wuhan blue' tiles on the roofs of buildings and pagodas.

And the little blue birds and animals on top of the roofs.

People told us in the fall West Lake is spectacular with the fall foliage - but very very crowded. I liked this early spring time because it was not crowded and there were no mosquitos!

This lady sat playing her 二胡 erhu (ancient instrument) quietly while people wandered around photographing the plum trees in bloom or having picnics. I think part of enjoyment in Chinese parks is acting like you are the only one there - people seem to respect each others solitude - especially if they are making music.

We also met this man and his granddaughter. He explained he brought her to the park EVERY DAY! How wonderful!
I want to be that kind of a grandparent - maybe I will be!

I did my best not to scare the child and hurried off before she started to cry!

Birds are also present at East Lake. They seem to take to me better than little children. After three tries I got this shot of the Azure winged Magpie (Cyanopica cyana) - found the name on line - hoping my birder brother could help me out with the ID! Dave - this one's for YOU!

Sometimes I feel really good about a photo - this is one of those times!

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  1. What a fabulous day you had (and with Emma too)! It makes me wish I were there too!

    Wow -- do you think that Brian has enough engineer in him to get 40-foot pole fever/competition and take up the "sport"?

    You certainly take blogging to a whole new level. This is an exciting and wonderful read. I'm grateful for all of it, thank you. I'm also going to check out the other blogs you follow. Who knew there was so much fun on the web? (answer: me, but seriously thanks for the kewl new places for me to go!)