May 3, 2011

A Walk through Beilun on May Day

Balloon and flower seller - Xinda Lu market

The traffic during market - watch out!

Pineapple is in season

Peeled and cut expertly - no extra charge

Bunny or hamster?

I think these are the famous flying Wallenda hamsters

Did he eventually buy one for his girl?  Don't know - we moved on...
May Day holiday brought out lots of people in beautiful spring weather.  Brian and I wandered along Xinda Lu past Mingzhou Lu into a sprawling market selling everything - toys, bunnies, plants, food and clothes.  I like the Chinese market - you can walk through and look without hassle.  I took a lot of pictures - people are proud of their work and willing to explain what they do.

Traditional Chinese Herbs and Tea

Another view

Pu-er Tea


  1. What great pictures. I particularly love the one with the woman and the balloons. The photos, as always, are wonderful.

    I'm glad I get to see China through yours eyes. It always looks different, even when I'm there seeing the same thing through my own eyes. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  2. I saw some people with the bicycle taxis here. It was pretty cool.