May 9, 2011

New Piece

Here are photos of my latest piece - a small (12" x 8") thank you to a friend.  I painted the Chinese calligraphy with ink on fabric, then stiched around the edges.  I had to fuse the white fabric to another piece before painting on it.  With one layer of fabric the ink ran too much.

The Chinese is : 为人生之艺术 wéi rén shēng zhī yì shù 
It means "Art is for Life"  My calligraphy teacher showed me how to write it and I have been practicing for a few months.  I try to write characters over and over until it feels right or my hand falls asleep!

"Art for Life," 12" x 18", 2011

"Art for Life,"detail

"Art for Life,"detail

"Art for Life," detail with signature and chop

Wei Ren Sheng Zhi


Signature and Chops

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  1. It's wonderful. I'm very glad that I got to see it IRL because it's way better than the photos indicate.

    Love your "chops"!