April 18, 2011

Transportation carries some beauty

 In a Taxicab, a tea jar with flower tea

Outside a hotel window I watch people waiting for the morning bus

 The baozi vendor sets up in the morning and vanishes a few hours later
Sometimes it is easier and less obtrusive to draw the scene instead of snapping a photo.  Sometimes I just want the peace drawing gives me.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it funny how a painting can be more accurate than a photograph in capturing the essence of reality?

    It's totally interesting that the space in the taxi cab divider has such usefulness! I always wondered what that space was for - now I know.

    It is so totally cool that you're coming home soon to make more of these beautiful drawings! We will have to stop and get baozi on the way to the studio. Glad you will be home soon - sorry you have to leave the regal one behind (she's much more than a mere princess).