April 17, 2011

Seen in the Cleveland Airport

In the C terminal of the Cleveland Airport - as you descend the escalator - this is what you see:
Giant Paper Airplanes!

One of faux yellow legal paper

I miss yellow legal pads

I spent so much time looking up - I forgot to watch the time and had to run for my plane

There are so many places to see public art in the US.  The problem with airport art is no one is looking at it.  Just my stopping and looking, and then taking pictures caused other people to look at these pieces.  I also was disappointed that the artist's name was nowhere to be found in the area.

When I looked in Wikipedia I found the name of the piece is  Home, School, and Office (1999). The artist is Andy Yoder.  Here is his web site:ANDY YODER  I hope he knows there ARE people who look up and see his beautiful work.


  1. I always look at airport art! I especially look now because airports are so awful. I need the art to regain my perspective, sense of self and good feelings.

    The invasive nature of air travel today demands sustaining, nurturing art because negativity can be (and often is) brought forth in all of us from insensitive, intrusive regulations and the TSA types paid to enforce 'em.

    Glad you made your flight AND that it was good for you!

  2. Hey mom, your blog's loading really fast. I think changing to 2 posts per page was a good move.

  3. Thanks Susanne and Yaycup! I am inspired - time to make art!