April 22, 2011

Drawing - why

I spend time drawing.  I like to draw in restaurants - especially the Muslim noodle shop near my home.
Little boy at Noodle shop looking at my sketchbook

Noodle maker

I also enjoy drawing people sitting at the table while they are doing something else.

Cousin Beverly at Pop Pop's table(detail)

Cousin Beverly at Pop Pop's table
These are older pictures - when I look at them I see things I would do differently - things I've worked on - like getting hands and head proportionally better.

Hand over Greenland

Then I see where I took the time to develop a life drawing - usually of my hand (free model) and I remember that time is critical for drawing.  Long, transatlantic flights are a great place to attend to detailed drawings.

I know I need to divide my time between fast gesture and gesture like drawing and taking time to develop a drawing with more detail.

Girl in Spicy Restaurant

Bahamian Altarboy
Life is about balance.  I tell myself with each picture - 'what do I LIKE about this picture?"  I note that feature and then turn the page.


  1. I'm so very glad that you will have time for detailed drawing very, VERY, very soon! It will be a great joy to see you IRL as you've been missed.

    The sketch books are as wonderful as the quilts. You have so much new work! It is truly a blessing to do what you are called to do AND be good at it.

  2. the sign is in mirror writing - because I was drawing it on the 'wrong side' of the glass window behind the boy. I didn't know any Chinese then, (not that I know much now) but when I flipped the picture on the horizontal in Photoshop - I could decipher it -- 盖浇饭凉面 which is gaijiaofan (upper characters) - meaning rice and veggie dish) and liangmian - meaning cooled noodles.