March 19, 2011

Ok - this is the LAST Wuhan Food post!

These meat pastries were incredible. Flash seared in the wok - not oily but crunchy on the outside and savory in the middle.

The vendors explained to me, translated by Emma, how they made them with beef or tofu inside - using only the freshest ingredients!

Here you can see a man making the pastries to go in the wok. There are so many because many people buy them in the morning to take and eat on the way to work. The vendor lady is laughing at my exclamations about the wonderful food of Wuhan. I enjoyed myself immensely.

Its an assembly line of sorts - with one person making the dough, one getting the dough and meat together and one person frying. Everything is visible and people often stop to watch.

When I took the vendor ladies picture - they said -- take a picture of our food! So i did:

Makes me want one RIGHT NOW!

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