March 29, 2011

Baby Coming

My grandbaby is working on being born so I will write tomorrow. I am working hard to keep busy and not check my email and skype more than 40 times a minute. I will try to go to bed and wake up a grandma.

How I look

I know everything will be fine. My son and his lovely wife, Silvia are the best people on earth to be parents. I'm a mess!


  1. Happy BIRTHDAY to you, HAPPY Birthday (can you hear the music?)! I wish you many, many more AND isn't it special to have your first grandchild born on your birthday!?!?!

    Congratulations (who knew it was almost as difficult to have your grandchild as it was to birth your kid!) --

    Love ya (and it will all be FANTASTIC).

  2. Dear, dear Lauren, I do understand. Try not to merge your experience with this experience. Savour today. Best to you!